Created by Thierry Cazaux in 2008, Chic – Maison de Création – and Les Ateliers – Maison de Production, celebrate this year their 10th anniversary. During this ten-year existence, we have forged our culture which is based in collective intelligence. Our fundamental attachment to our many fields of expertise, the interactions between teams, the mobility of our collaborators and the daily co-creation at work, both internally and with our clients, has cemented our group.

Dedicated to luxury and premium brands, we tailor teams in which each person closely connects its thoughts, skills and passions to those of the others to contribute to the project.

This “do together” for “do for all” was the red thread of this 10th anniversary.

Epicurean, off the beaten track, crafted, reasoned and positive. We organized an unheard of day that suited our values, wishes and passions.

As for the first time ever, the 75 collaborators of Chic and Les Ateliers from Paris, London, Singapore and New York were all gathered in our house of Asnières (Paris) and all came together on September 21 at the Montéclin Domain (Saclay – Paris area) for a creative and meaningful day.

We chose to go green and get disconnected from our daily environment and matters. We put our hands on the same deck and got differently in the know of each other. We all worked on simple, good and beautiful products for the pleasure of all.

We participated in small workshops in which we prepared the meals of our anniversary lunch. It equally allowed us to strengthen ties, re-experience the power of mind and hands intelligence when brought together and treat ourselves.

A collective day-work that continued in our evening party. For the occasion, we wished the furniture of our terrace to be produced by our manufacture Les Ateliers from recycled wood waste and reached out to 75 talented Chic people for the best Chic Food and Chic Playlist ever crafted…


Stay tuned with Chic

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